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Time table

group personal training - monday - Saturday


Strength + Stamina

A staple of our training is strength. Our innovative lifting sessions to improve your overall musculoskeletal strength and endurance. In addition to this we adapt workouts to also tap into different energy systems such as your ATP-PC system and your Anaerobic Lactic system in the very same session. This means you will become more powerful, and stronger for longer!!

Our strength mission is simple… lift with correct technique, both heavy and light, to finally build power and stamina so that you can not only lift heavy weights but can do it for as long as required. Working with us on your strength will give you improved posture, muscle growth and development, and an efficient body that can execute and perform at an elite level.

Olympic Lifting

A favourite method of exercise with our members. We use Olympic Lifts to improve strength, speed and power. As well as enhancing your endurance for high intensity exercise, you will start to recover quicker and will be able to handle higher amounts of training after these sessions.

You will also build a tolerance to intense weightlifting and form a greater work capacity, giving you the ability to push further and reach your health and fitness goals faster.

Cardio + HIIT

Our sessions incorporate not only traditional High Intensity Interval Training, but also, tempo work, Tabata, 3-peaks, and reverse HIIT to keep our members guessing and always adapting. The word CARDIO to most people means something boring ie jogging or jumping. Here at Physical Formula you will learn new techniques and drills to keep both your body and your mind active.

Our Cardio/HIIT sessions will help you burn fat, reduce your overall bodyweight, tone and shape your muscles and most importantly increase your lung and heart health.

Boxing + Conditioning

One of the most fun and energy boosting classes we offer! The health benefits of boxing are almost endless – Improve your balance and posture, boosts endurance, increases awareness and ultimately improves your hand-eye co-ordination.

The reason our boxing classes are so powerful is how you feel afterwards. These endorphin boosting sessions set your mood and productivity levels soaring/ skyrocketing, and you will feel ready to take on the world!

Calisthenics + CrossFit

Variety is key! We push your limits to inspire you to become a champion of all disciplines. Bodyweight exercises such as calisthenics which can include handstands, balance and general gymnastics will be included in your sessions to master the art of controlling your body without any equipment.

CrossFit components will also be implemented into your sessions. Enabling you to exercise at a high intensity whilst mastering the art of compound / olympic lifts such as pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, rope climbs, power snatch and much more…

We also incorporate other fitness and training methods such as circuits, hybrid fitness and Cross-training. In summary, no leaf will remain unturned!