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Physical Formula

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After over a decade of not exercising, I joined Physical Fitness in Jan 2021.  I had previously seen them in the park, summer 2020 running small group sessions.

I joined because of the small group sessions and it really feels like you have your own personal trainer guiding you through each session on what to do and how.  I would never of done this much in a traditional gym.

Olivia and Martin have been so supportive and helped me improve my technique, and most importantly improved my confidence.  I’m still in shock that I was able to do a box jump on a 24 inches block!!  From someone that was incredibly intimidated by a gym and had never lifted any weights, I absolutely love coming to these sessions and I am so glad I joined!   It’s a massive credit to both Olivia and Martin, they are so passionate about they do and it really comes across in every session.