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8-Week Program

The program is a mixture of Small Group Personal Training classes that includes weight training, HIIT, boxing, olympic lifts and so much more.

Our 8-week programming will allow us to work closely with you on different methods of exercise and also to track your progress as you smash your goals!

As you may be aware 8-weeks doesn’t fall perfectly in line with each month, therefore, between each 8-week program, we will shift the focus to more specific training/dieting methods such as detox’s, fasting, calisthenics and CrossFit. 

Every 8-weeks we will re-assess your goals and results to ensure that you are surpassing them. Testing methods such as weight, waist/hip circumference, body fat and physical assessment will be used.

  • Access to up to over 25+ sessions per week
  • Exclusivity to private members
  • Small-Group personal training
  • Weight-loss / Muscle Building
  • Injury Prevention
  • Elite functional equipment
  • Extensive support and guidance 
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Physical Formula

What members say

’m so glad I signed up in May for the PT in the Park sessions and it has now continued through. Martin and Liv are amazing, keep you motivated and always help if you need it! Best family to be a part of
I joined Martin and Liv in July for an 8 week PT in the Park transformation programme and haven’t looked back! The sessions are small groups with a real community atmosphere, varied exercises working on all aspects of fitness and led with enthusiasm, lots of fun and a genuine personal touch. I feel part of a team and much stronger and fitter than ever and that is all thanks to Martin and Liv making their sessions something I really look forward to. Great place!
I have done a transformation course and flexible circuit classes with Physical Formula. Martin and Liv were amazing from the beginning, they are so flexible with what slots you attend and always happy to help with other stuff like injuries or nutrition. The classes are great fun and such a good work out. It’s much better than going to the gym on your own and not knowing what to do! Definitely recommend if you’re looking to get fit and have fun.
I joined PT in the park after a really hard year of lockdown to get back into exercise and I’m so beyond happy I did! Both Liv and Martin are amazing trainers who have kept me motivated and pushed me to achieve goals I didn’t think were possible!🙌🏻 They are always there to support with any advice and continue to create fun, varied and challenging sessions. Such an amazing team to be a part of!