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unique and tailored

1-2-1 Personal Training

We offer a unique and tailored service to fit into your life style. Every member has a designated coach to work alongside. Your coach will support, motivate, inspire and, above all else educate you in your quest for greatness.

Our personalised partnership approach gives you the structure and accountability needed in order to achieve life-changing results.

You might feel like you have tried everything, but our scientific approach works. Our track record proves; if you are willing to commit to the process and work hard and you will achieve exceptional results – no matter your age, ability or exercise history.

Martin & Olivia Trainers at Physical Formula | Leamington Fitness Studio
Physical Formula

What members say

I have been to different gyms over the past five years, even had 121s, where I felt intimidated and lacked confidence in my strength and my body.

I moved to Leamington Spa 1.5 years ago, and this is where my path crossed with Physical Formula when they was promoting PT In the park.

Feeling nervous and scared, I plucked the courage to join Martin and Olivia in Victoria park for their first ever session in the park.

I cannot believe how comfortable and relaxed they made me feel and more importantly making new friends in a strange town.

I never thought that after signing up to on the first program that I will be still with them today.

This clearly demonstrates the values, principles and integrity that both Martin and Olivia have for their clients and more importantly how they make you feel comfortable part of a close community and walking out feeling amazing, full of energy and life .

Physical Formula keep up the amazing work and continue using that personal touch that you have with all your clients!