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Small Group Personal Training

An unrivalled group personal training experience, you will uncover your true potential, make fantastic friends and become part of a like-minded community.

The growth within our groups is mind blowing. We keep our groups small because it is important to us that we spend individual time with every client. 

We will really dial in on your technique and maximise every exercise with you to ensure that your results are better than you imagined.

Physical Formula

What members say

I’ve always been an absolute exercise shirker. In 38 years, I’ve never found a sport I like. But my husband started seeing Martin for PT sessions and he was so enthusiastic about it that it spurred me on to give the Festive Fitness program a try. I thought I’d just suffer through the 4 weeks and then quit. Instead, I found myself feeling disappointed when it ended and so I signed up to the January program too.

Martin and Olivia are amazing. They’ve cultivated a gym which feels like a supportive community – a place where we can laugh and encourage each other to do better rather than just gritting our teeth and getting through the sessions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s HARD! They push you!! But that’s also what makes it great. When you’re feeling tired and like you want to leg it, their enthusiasm and encouragement makes you stay and try to do better. It’s incredibly rewarding to notice the ways that my body has become stronger and to feel myself improving. I honestly never thought I could have fun while exercising but I’d clearly just not been doing it right! I can’t recommend Physical Formula enough!

Laura G