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How can you be at the top of your game, when your world is crumbling around you?

This comes from a very personal place as, over the past six months, I have had many challenges knock at my door. Some of which I really saw no way of moving through.

We all face emotional stress continuously through out our daily lives. Things such as the weather, enviornmental toxins, mould toxins and stress all play their part.

Yet, when it comes to physcial and emotional stressors it can be difficult to combat them.

A lot of my clients have personal insecurites, as well as children to look after, maintaining their job and also their home.

So how then, do we manage extra circumstances that enter into our lives?

How do you cope when someone brings yet another problem into your day?

Some of the top way to reduce and manage your stress:

1. Learn to have fun. This may sound basic however, how often do you really have fun? For me, I like to walk my dog, cook something I have never cooked before, and learn something new in the crazy world of bio-hacking.

For alot of us, having fun depends on our mood at the time. But, if you can learn to pull yourself away from the stressfull elements of your life and let go of them just for a moment. When you return to them, they will seem that bit easier to cope with.

You can stand up right now and go outside and do six star jumps – if you wanted too.

You could go outside right now, (rain or shine) and shout three things that you are grateful for.

You could go outside right now and talk to yourself out-loud about ten things that went well today.

Being dynamic and getting out of your comfort zone will have a profound impact on how you deal with daily stressors.

2. Meditation

There are several ways to meditate. The goal is to become more in tune and responsive to your inner thoughts. We all have a constant voice in our heads that can take over when we dont want it to.

It can actually be quite mean at times. The trouble comes, when we start to believe it.

Meditation trains you on taking control and quietening the mind. Thus, meaning that you are more in control of your inner thoughts. 

There are many ways to practice meditation. You can count, do a body scan and even listen to a guided meditation to get you into the practice, of a practice.

Calm yourself and your heart

My favourite thing to do when I feel anxious or stressed is to practice a breathing technique. This lowers my heart rate immediately and tunes my brain and heart into a working harmony.


Breath in to your diaphragm by opening the back of your throat for four long seconds

Hold for four seconds

Breath out through your mouth for four slow seconds

Hold no breath for four seconds

Repeat four times.

This can be difficult to start with because having no air in your lungs can be daunting and scary. But, I promise you, if you practice this, you will reep the benefits.

Holding no air in your lungs withint his practice actually strengthens your lungs. So not only are you calming yourself, you body and your mind, you are strengthening your body at the same time.

I guided my mother through this practice and she now repeats this daily – all by herself.

The benefits are REAL.