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If you are like me and struggle to find the time to fit exercise into your every day life read on because I may have just found you the solution you have been searching for…

10-minute work outs! Yep, just 10 minutes a day…but how is this going to benefit you and is 10 minutes really long enough to see results? 

If you are short on time, hate the gym and too tired to exercise after work then 10-minute work outs could be just what you need. Recent studies have shown that working out at a high intensity level for 10 minutes can reap the same benefits as a 45-minute low impact work out. 

Working out doesn’t have to be a sweat induced hour four or five times a week, like most things in life, quality is more important than quantity, and consistency is key. Committing to one 10- or 20-minute work out a day (which in all honesty we probably all waste more than that on deciding what to eat or scrolling through socials) can really make a difference to your overall health and well being and here is why. 

Accessible – 10-minute work outs can be done at home, before work, during your lunch break, before bed, pretty much at any time of the day or night therefore easily slotting into your daily routine.

Brain Power – Exercise, particularly is short bursts significantly improves brain function and also re energises you by topping up those endorphins, sharpening your mind and making you over all a happier version of yourself.

Consistency – 10 minutes is 1% of your day. Forming a new habit can tend to take a minimum of two months, sometimes longer. By integrating 10-minute work outs into your every day routine you are more likely to make this a lasting lifestyle change. All too often I set myself a goal which I have already decided is unachievable in the back of my mind, by utilising that 1% towards myself and my health I slowly form that new habit and without realising it, it becomes as much a part of my day as brushing my teeth. Slow and steady wins the race.

Protect & Strengthen – One of the main benefits of short bursts work outs is that it reduces the stress on your joints and muscles. With each 10-minute session you can target different muscles on the body, using controlled movements that elevate your heart rate enough to add significant improvement to your overall health and muscle strength.

You don’t need a gym to start working out, with todays technology the gym is with you at the touch of a button. It is time efficient and the health benefits are significant, give it a go… What’s 1% between friends?