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We are what we eat – period!

However, let’s go a little deeper into this. I get quite a few questions when i pull out my various supplements and slice chunks of butter to go with my coffee. Even some of the things that i eat, people tend to ask me why i have chosen such a meal. ”How have you lost weight, eating THAT much butter?”

Everything that you eat effects your brain, hormones and metabolism in a significant way. Sugar causes fat storage, potential brain fog and insulin spikes.

the better choices for me come from high quality, whole foods and A LOT of FAT.

believe it or not, a diet high in goof fats is essential to make everything work efficiently. there have been studies that show this. And how low fat foods are covered in sugar, additives and fake fillers. these are things that you wouldn’t ever want to eat again, if you saw the raw ingredients laid out in front of you.

I completely changed my diet and the results are incredible. i opted for high quality animal produce – grass-fed, grass-finished ONLY. Not factory farmed at all.

I only buy organic eggs which means that I don’t tend to buy many things from a Supermarket anymore. I tend to go to a local Farm Shop for fresh, organic vegetables and grass-fed meat. Not all farm shops produce organic veggies. Instead, I go to Waitrose because they have the best selection of organic vegetables in my area. Plus the people that work there are very nice!

Organic Turkey meat, wild caught fish, avocados and brightly coloured fruits, usually with the word ‘berry’ on the end of it!

This doesn’t actually cost you any more, although you may think it will. I was curious of this myself so, i did an experiment. I sourced grass-fed meat, organic vegetables, the right condiments and healthy sweetness. Compared this to the Supermarkets best version of meats and finest selection of veg.

The Supermarket was more expensive!

They over price their meats and it isn’t even the highest of quality that money can buy. Not to mention studies to back this up.

I like to take pride in what i eat so that what i eat, takes pride in me. This is also a necessity for our planet. if we were all to eat organic, well sourced grass-fed meat, we would save our planet!