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About Physical Formula

We set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry. Because, we help you get the bottom of your barriers. And provide you with the tools that you need to unlock your true potential.


The UK’s leading Health and Performance Strategist.

Martin is renowned as a body composition and performance specialist, capable of understanding his clients needs, desires and potential thus, leading them into becoming an achiever, goal getter and someone that reaches their true potential.

Martins long standing passion for health and fitness comes from a diverse, competitive background and career within the athletics arena. Martin started out competing internationally which lead him to travel the world and, reach great achievements. After his running career, Martin was invited to be apart of the testing program for the 2014 Sochi Olympic bobsleigh team and, has even won a silver medal in the indoor rowing championships in 2019.

Martin has a diverse knowledge for physiology and Sports Science and understands what it takes to bring the best out of yourself. This enables Martins approach to be one of a kind.

He understands rehabilitation, can safely devise a structured plan for you when dealing with injuries that you thought you may never recover from.

Martins empowering coaching style motivates his clients to reach beyond their own self-imposed limitations and achieve the results that they never thought possible.

Martin Browne stands apart as a trainer who can both “talk the talk, and walk the walk”.

Martin a Trainer at Physical Formula | Leamington Fitness Studio
Olivia a Trainer at Physical Formula | Leamington Fitness Studio


Manager and Coach

What I love about this business is that we are able to inspire people daily to reach fitness destinations that they never thought possible.

I have seen clients transform not only their bodies, but their minds too. They wake up happier, they walk with an extra spring in their step and, the best of all, the know that they can achieve anything that they want to achieve when they learn how to and, have the right people supporting them.

We all want to live longer, be stronger and have that extra zest for life and I am proud to say that this company gives you just that. We are not your average health and fitness company and nor would we want to be. We are Physical Formula and we defy the odds, by creating a space where people can thrive. Thrive in an environment of like-minded friends. We stand shoulder to shoulder in all that we do and we are proud of that.

It really doesn’t matter where you are now, its where you want to get to that is the key and that, we can guide you to.

Physical Formula

Why Physical Formula

We know that achieving the exceptional requires a partnership where you and your trainer are invested in the process together.

You may be thinking to yourself what makes the Physical Formula studio different to every other CrossFit, Circuits Centre and, gym based in our local town.

Let me tell you what our current members were like before working with us.

Before becoming a member of the team, people felt unmotivated in their fitness journeys, they found that they would start one thing and never finish it or, pay endless months of membership prices but never actually go to the gym therefore feeling unfulfilled.

Some were trying online workouts such as Joe Wicks at home but it still wasn’t hitting the marker for them as, how can you get the best out of yourself with no real guidance or motivation to do it?

Questions were arising such as,

“How do I stop my knees from hurting”

“Why cant I improve my 5k time”

“I can’t get rid of the ring around my mid-section, even though I am exercising three times a week”

Have you ever felt yourself feeling like this? The answer is simple, no matter your goal, success is built and maintained, when you have a coach guiding and supporting you.

Martin & Olivia Trainers at Physical Formula | Leamington Fitness Studio

The promise when you walk through our door is that you will reach your goals in a fun, efficient environment and actually enjoy your fitness again. When it comes to your fitness, no other business comes close. What has allowed us to build a  consistent service with consistent results is the unique culture we have built.

If this is something that you are open to simple click the button below and talk to our friendly team.