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Boutique Fitness Studio in Leamington


Physical Formula is a functional Fitness Studio based in the heart of Leamington Spa. We provide many different services including: Small Group Personal Training courses and programmes, 1:1 Personal Training and Circuit Classes.

Physical Formula Fitness Studio Students

We champion versatility through a community that is diverse, inclusive and welcoming.

Many of our members are busy professionals, parents, self-employed or employees of JLR, and have been members with us since we started this business. We offer a wide variety of time slots to fit into people’s working and home lives.

Our services increase people’s fitness levels, productivity, mental health and mood, family life and so much more. Having a fitness studio where you can feel part of a like-minded community is so important to us, and with Physical Formula we have created just that.

Our members support, guide and push each other in not only their fitness goals, but other areas of their lives too. We coach and guide all of our members to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

The 5 outcomes

from Physical Formula


You will become motivated and driven to improve on all aspects of your fitness. Our extensive methods will challenge you, both physically and mentally, with techniques such as boxing skills, Olympic lifting drills and running mechanics. You will be left wanting more!


Leave every session feeling empowered and energised! With decreased stress levels and a rapid increase in what we call ‘daily stamina’, you will feel a wave of success after each workout, combined with improved mood and productivity throughout your day.


Improve your knowledge and understanding of health, fitness and nutrition. With scientifically-backed exercise methods, we push each member where appropriate, but understand the importance of alternative approaches, suited to individual needs.


Join a family of amazing members, share in each other’s successes and thrive both physically and emotionally. We have cultivated a community of like-minded people that will help you train, laugh and grow!


Look forward to every session. Fitness can be taxing on your mind and body, but when you enrol with us, that seemingly impossible struggle will be abolished. With clear goals and a roadmap of how to get there, doubt will be eliminated and you will start on the path to your true potential.

Overcome Obstacles

When each member walks through our door, they become part of something bigger.

We believe that having the correct, balanced training should make your life easier. No matter your starting position, Physical Formula can facilitate. We partner with you to ensure that you reach your goals and enjoy every part of the process.

Martin & Olivia Trainers at Physical Formula

FREE warm-ups & workshops

VMO Strengthening

If you want to walk, run, swim, sprint or jump we advise paying close attention to this muscle and implementing strengthening exercises into your weekly routine.

Zero Impact Cardio

This super low impact cardio routine has been designed specifically to eliminate all impact (no jumping, running or hopping).

Posture Correction

This routine will enable you to engage your upper and lower back, resulting in an upright position.


Our runners warmup will help to free your body of any stiffness, tightness and, enable you to run more freely.

Physical Formula

What members say

I have trained with Olivia and Martin both outdoors during their PT sessions at Victoria Park over the spring, summer and early autumn and,  now, indoors at their fantastic new gym in Heathcote. The best words to describe them are friendly and effective. I love the varied and fun group sessions they put on whether that be circuits, strength training, cardio and their popular boxing fitness classes and they have got a great bunch of members with whom keeping fit with is a joy. Now they have fulfilled a long-time dream of opening  their own gym from which they can base their growing business I’m sure they will go from strength to strength. If you need a boost to your fitness, like staying healthy and in shape and/or want to meet and enjoy training sessions with like-minded people then definitely consider getting in touch with these guys. It’ll change your life for the better.